Mouse & Keybords

Are you buying a PC? Then a mouse and keyboard are indispensable. You simply cannot get started without these tools. Especially if you have an office job, it is important that your mouse and keyboard work properly. But quality computer accessories are often pricey. That is why you can pay for your purchase with Payin3 in 3 equal installments.


Shopping mouse & keyboards in three terms

Mouse on credit: how does this work?

Payin3 makes it possible to easily pay a mouse that matches your wishes on installment without your bank account suffering a lot. Paying for a mouse afterwards ensures that you have enough money left over to add other essential accessories to your office space. For example, you can think of a stand for your laptop or headphones for full concentration during important work. Whether you pay in installments or not, if you want a mouse that lasts a long time, you sometimes have to dig deep for this. If you work a lot with your mouse, it is better to purchase a higher quality mouse that lasts longer.

Buy keyboard on installment

A well-functioning keyboard is essential for those who work long hours at the office. An office job without a keyboard is like a construction worker without tools. Both simply cannot get started without these tools. The preference for a keyboard is different for everyone and it also depends on the various desktops that everyone has. Once you have made the choice, you can easily pay it in installments with Payin3. You pay the first installment immediately. Once this first payment has been made, your keyboard will be shipped and you will immediately upgrade your office space. So you can get started right away. After 30 days you pay the second installment, followed by the third installment 60 days later. You do not have to worry about any additional costs. Payin3 charges 0% interest on your purchases.