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PAY. is the first Payment Service Provider to offer the new payment platform of in3. It is packed with new options and possibilities for consumers and (web)shops. This gives consumers the opportunity to follow the status of an order in real-time, consumers can pay in-store via the app with the unifed QR code of PAY., and (web) stores have access to the in3 Merchant Portal. In addition, the new platform is ready for the international ambitions of in3. The switch is fully automatic and the customers of PAY. don’t need to make adjustments for this.

Receive in-store in3 payments

With the arrival of the new platform, it will soon be possible for customers to pay in the physical store with in3! How it works? By integrating PAY.'s unifed QR into the cash register system, it is possible to have customers pay in 3 equal parts. The QR code is generated by the cash register system, and the customer scans the code via the in3 app. Because consumers receive direct insight into the spending limit via the in3 app, they know exactly for which amount can be paid in 3 equal parts. After scanning the code, the consumer has access to the in3 payment option. Via the smartphone, the consumer pays the first part with iDEAL and both the consumer and the merchant immediately receive confirmation that the payment has been successful. The products can be given directly to the customer, and in3 together with PAY takes care of the payment. By offering in3 in the physical store, the purchase chance will be increased. This is because this also reaches the customers who are interested in a product, but who are not yet ready for a full direct payment. In3 therefore offers great extra options for your store!

In3 app for consumers

Within the app, consumers now have real-time insight into the spending amount that is made available from in3. As a result, the consumer knows exactly for which amount can be paid in 3 equal parts. The app provides insight into all open orders and future payments that they still have to pay. The in3 app offers additional marketing options for (web)shop! The administrator of the (web)shop can add the (web)shop himself via the in3 Merchant Portal. Within the search function of the app and the website, the (web)shop comes directly into the spotlight among hundreds of thousands of app users, and website visitors.

Merchant Portal by in3

The in3 Merchant Portal provides access and insight to all requests made to the payment service. For example, the merchant immediately sees whether or not a consumer has been accepted by the payment option, including an explanation. It is possible that a consumer has been accepted but has not done the first instalment payment. The consumer can be contacted directly from the Merchant Portal and the payment can still be made easily. In addition to the status of all transactions, the (web)shop has insight into the expected cash flow, and the possibility to bring the webshop to the attention of the in3 community. If the webshop is added to the in3 Merchant Portal, it will immediately be brought to the attention within the app and website. This way extra visitors are led to your webshop!

About in3
Capayable started in 2013 as a post-payment solution for webshops. Due to the need from the market to accept high order amounts, a staggered payment solution was added in 2016, which has been known under the brand name in3 since 2018. With in3 (online) shoppers can pay in 3 equal parts. The acceptance process happens in a split second, the customer pays no interest and is not BKR registered. More than 1,000 web shops now offer the in3 payment option.

About PAY.

PAY. is a reliable, smart, driven partner that manages hundreds of thousands of payments every day in the Benelux and beyond. They are working hard to become the largest full-service omnichannel payment processor in the market. By completely unburdening users in the field of payment transactions, PAY. as a Payment Service Provider a smooth, fast and safe buying and selling experience for both online and offline.

More information about PAY. can be found at www.pay.nl.

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