Computer parts and hardware

Is your laptop's motherboard malfunctioning? Does the cooler stop running? Or do you need a graphics card to play a new game? By purchasing specific computer parts, you can improve your computer in an instant. However, did you not see the costs for those parts coming and would you rather spread the costs? This is possible with the payment method of Payin3.


Shopping computer parts / hardware in three terms

Computer parts on installment

Whether you want to pay for a new motherboard afterwards, or buy a new processor on installment, with Payin3 you ensure that you do not have to pay the full amount of your new computer part in one go. Payin3 gives you the option to spread the purchase over 3 equal installments. In the first instance, you only pay one third of the total amount. At that moment the product will come your way and you can install it in your desktop, laptop or other computer. So you don't have to save before you can purchase your desired computer part. Then, after 30 days at the latest, the request to pay the 2nd installment follows. The last term follows after 60 days.

Return hardware on installment

Is your new computer part not meeting your needs? Then there is no man overboard. Read the return conditions on the website of the webshop where you purchased your product and go through the entire process. Send your product back and then wait. As soon as Payin3 has received a signal from the webshop, we will refund the money that you have paid up to that moment, within 5 days to the account number that is known to us.

Have you ordered storage in addition to computer parts and do you only want to return one order? That's no problem either. You only pay for the products you keep.