Bike repair

A flat tyre, the chain is off or your bike creaks on all sides. If you are not that handy yourself, there is often only one solution in this situation: your bicycle has to go to the bicycle repair shop. The costs of repairing your bicycle can sometimes be high, because there is often more that is broken than you realize. At Payin3 we understand that these high costs are not desirable. That is why we make it possible to pay for your bicycle repair.


Shopping repair in three terms

Bicycle repair on installment

When you choose the payment method of Payin3, you don't have to make a large expenditure in one go. We offer you the option to pay for your bicycle repair. How does that work? If you have your bicycle repaired at one of the above webshops, select the payment method of Payin3. After a quick data check, you need to make the first payment, and you can have your bike repaired immediately. After a period of 30 and 60 days you will receive a reminder for the payment of the 2nd and 3rd installment. As it were, you can pay for your bicycle repair in installments. This way you don't have to save to have your bike repaired and you can immediately make the necessary kilometers again! That way you will have money left over to provide your bicycle with new bicycle accessories.

Paying bicycle repairs in installments: what are the costs?

There is a good chance that you are wondering what the extra costs are if you want to pay for your bicycle repair in installments. Then we have good news for you, because there are no extra costs. Unlike many other loans or loans, Payin3's payment method has 0% interest. This means that there are no extra costs if you want to pay for your bicycle repair in instalments, and you therefore pay nothing more than if you would pay the costs in one go. In addition, our payment method does not have a BKR registration, so you do not suffer from the negative consequences that other credit facilities entail.

If the costs of the repair are so high, you could of course also choose to purchase a new bike. Of course on installment!