Measuring tools

Of course you want to finish a job as perfectly as possible. With absolute precision you hang or attach something to each other. To make sure you make a hole in the right place, you can use measuring tools. Without a doubt one of the most used tools for a good end result. Are you ready for new measuring tools, but would you rather not pay the entire purchase price in one go? With Payin3 you can now buy your measuring tools on installment.

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Shopping measuring tools in three terms

How do you buy measuring tools on credit?

With the payment method of Payin3 it is easy to pay for measuring tools afterwards. At the above webshops, orient yourself on the measuring tools you are looking for and make a choice. When you choose the payment method of Payin3 to complete the purchase, a quick check is made on your data. After this you can make the 1st payment and your purchase will be shipped immediately. After a period of 30 days, Payin3 will send you a reminder for the 2nd term and after 60 days after the order date you will receive another reminder to meet the 3rd and last term. This way you can easily pay for measuring tools spread over 3 installments and you have more budget for other purchases that you still have to make to get your job done.

Do I run any risks by buying measuring tools on credit?

That question has a very easy answer. You do not run any risk if you want to pay for measuring tools afterwards. It is often the case with other financing methods that you are registered in the BKR register and that you pay interest on the purchase amount. With the payment method of Payin3, both are not the case. You only pay the purchase amount of your new product and therefore pay 0% interest. . So you can pay your measuring tools carefree in installments, without the negative consequences of a loan. Do you also want to purchase a good drill after measuring exactly where a hole should be? Then take a look at the range of battery tools or electric tools to get started well prepared. Because you can also purchase those tools and many other products without any worries with the payment method of Payin3.