Would you like to enjoy your favorite music every now and then and isolate yourself from the environment? Then headphones are the perfect solution! Headphones ensure that ambient sounds are muffled, or even completely excluded. This way you can fully enjoy the music, or you can be just a little more productive at work; Who would not want that? Good quality headphones can come at a high price. It is not always pleasant to pay a large amount in one go, and that is where Payin3 offers a solution. With our payment method you can pay for your headphones afterwards in 3 equal installments.

Shopping headphones in three terms

Pay headphones afterwards

With Payin3 you can pay for your headphones afterwards in a simple way. You pay the first installment immediately and the other 2 installments follow within 30 and 60 days. You do not have to keep track of this yourself, because we remind you of the other payments. And no, you will not receive your headphones after 60 days when you have paid the full amount, but immediately after completing the first payment. This way you pay for your new headphones in installments, but you can enjoy your favorite songs right away! If you prefer to listen to music with your colleagues or family, you can also consider purchasing a (wireless) speaker. You can also easily pay this in installments with our payment method.

How much does an installment headset cost with Payin3?

Now you may think: then there will probably be extra costs involved and I will ultimately lose more money than if I pay the amount in one go? Then we have good news, because that is not the case. Our payment method has 0% interest, unlike many other loans or credits. If you order through one of the webshops above, you do not pay more than the total amount that you see there. So there are no additional costs involved. In addition, it is often the case with other loans or credits that you are linked to a BKR registration. This is not the case when you purchase products via our payment method. In principle, you postpone part of the total amount, leaving you money to make any other purchases. Or you simply spread the amount over a period of 60 days, so that you do not have to make a large expenditure in one go.