Smart Home

The oven that is preheated when you're on your way home, the heating that only comes on when it's too cold, the lighting that only comes on when it gets dark. With Smart Home products you make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and safer. Do you like having your own Smart Home, but do you hate the price of Smart Home products? Choose the payment method of Payin3 and realize your Smart Home on installment.


Shopping smart home in three terms

Smart Home on installment

In a Smart Home you let your devices from your household communicate with each other and make your home more energy efficient, safer and more comfortable. You need Smart Home devices for that. With the payment method of Payin3 you will receive it in no time, without having paid off the product in full. With Payin3 you pay for your Smart Home in installments. Choose your desired Smart Home products at one of the above webshops, do the quick data check and pay only one third of the total amount. You can then connect the various new devices directly. After 30 and 60 days we ask you to pay the other 2 installments.

Advantages Smart Home pay afterwards

Are you considering purchasing Smart Home products, but are you running into the price? With the payment method of Payin3 that is no problem. You do not have to save for your new Smart Home, because in the first instance you only pay one third of the amount. After that you can already enjoy all the benefits. Moreover, you do not pay anything extra with this form of payment. Payin3 charges 0% interest, so you only pay the purchase amount that is displayed on the above webshops. In addition, with our payment method you are not tied to a BKR registration. This way you can enjoy the Smart Home devices in your bathroom, living room and bedroom without any worries.