Windgoo is the brand that understands you! Our E-Bikes are cool, easy to use, not too expensive and green. You can cycle on a Windgoo without any worries, you can get from A to B without any hassle, you can easily fold and unfold a number of models and charging is a breeze! If you ride Windgoo, you ride an E-Bike that provides miles of carefree riding pleasure.

Our Windgoo products are checked, shipped and repaired in the Netherlands. This is done by IMG. International Mobility Group BV is an importer of various two-wheeled vehicles in the moped and light motorcycle market. They sell their vehicles through approximately 600 dealers in various countries in Western Europe. Over the years, IMG has built up a diverse brand portfolio.

Our customer service is also located in the Netherlands and always tries to assist you as quickly as possible.