As a producer of mattresses, box springs, pillows and accessories of the highest quality with 50 years of experience in the traditional market, we have seen that the sale of mattresses online has increased significantly in recent years. But many of the mattresses that can be found online have us very concerned. In most cases, these are brands that mainly start from a lucrative marketing model, in which the quality of the mattresses often comes in second place. The mattresses are produced from cheap foams whose lifespan is often only a few years and which are also full of harmful chemicals such as plasticizers and toxic fire retardants.

With Tuur we choose to market products that are suitable for every consumer, that are easy to install yourself and that have a long lifespan and a small footprint. The price/quality ratio of our products is our highest priority and all materials used are of natural origin, without harmful substances. Because all materials are clearly distinguishable and the core consists entirely of 100% natural latex, the product is also easy to recycle. Not 5 layers of different foams that are ultimately difficult to deconstruct, but 1 core with the highest quality material.

In addition, our products are produced in a short chain with attention to the environment and to our employees. Production takes place in Belgium, whereby raw materials and semi-finished products are only purchased from suppliers who apply the highest quality and sustainability criteria.

With 50 years of experience as a producer of quality mattresses, we are now taking the next step with Tuur. Our mission? Bringing ergonomic and 100% natural products to you faster, easier and cheaper.