What do Royce de Vries (son of Peter R de Vries), Kim Feenstra, Ramona Poels (Say Yes To The Dress), Dave Roelvink, Sita Vermeulen and Rico Verhoeven have in common? All six use the innovative Sleeworld strollers! Sleeworld is in In any case, it has become an indispensable part of the Dutch street scene of modern parents.

When will we see you with the brand new Sleeworld stroller?

The birth of Sleeworld
Sleeworld first saw the light of day in Las Vegas and since 2005 this luxury brand has also been active in the Netherlands. After years of research, dedication and passion, Sleeworld works together with top Dutch designers to develop the very best strollers. This has led to the birth of the innovative Slee Mobile and Slee Wings: two baby strollers that have proven to be very successful in Europe in terms of style and shape. In addition, Sleeworld develops a variety of products and accessories that make the lives of today's parents a little easier - but in style.

“Our passion lies in developing exceptional strollers and accessories that provide parents with comfort and convenience in everyday life”

Sleeworld's highest goal is the interplay of quality and comfort of all its products. Groundbreaking baby products that make life easier for its customers. This is only possible by continuously researching and innovating in the field of trendy strollers and baby products. All product lines and accessories fully meet the needs of the modern parent who is looking for the latest form of mobility for the baby.