Fishing is a passion, and we have had this passion for many years. We would like to share this passion with as many people as possible. In the years that we have been doing this, a lot has happened and we have learned a lot. We would like to tell you briefly how this passion started for us and how we have developed it!

From a small shed to the biggest
Who would have thought that the shed attached to Sjoerd Raven's house would grow out to be the biggest angling shop of the Benelux and maybe even Europe!

In 1974 Sjoerd Raven started a pet shop from his garage at home in Dronten. Here he sold birds, seeds and animal requisites. He could also regularly be found with his market stall at various markets. After a few years, Sjoerd opened his first pet shop in Lelystad in 1978. Here, for the first time, the range was extended to include fishing tackle.

Sjoerd's sons, Dion and Iwan, opened a second pet shop in Dronten in 1980, followed two years later by the third Raven pet shop in Almere.