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De Witgoed Outlet
The expert in New, Outlet (B-grade), and refurbished white goods.
Looking for a new, B-grade, or pre-owned washing machine, dryer, freezer, or refrigerator? Meet The White Goods Outlet, the number one source for new and refurbished white goods items. From AEG to Zanussi: regardless of your budget, you'll likely find a suitable appliance. You can easily and quickly place an order through our online store, but of course, you're also welcome by appointment in our showroom, where we'll gladly provide you with the necessary information over a cup of coffee.

Choosing De Witgoed Outlet means opting for a decade of experience, expertise, and knowledge. Not just salespeople but advisors who tailor their recommendations to your unique situation. With pillars like service, personal advice, and reliability, you're always assured of a suitable choice tailored to your needs. Want to know more? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and give us a call. One of our experienced staff members is ready to assist you.