Beddenbriljant uses a 3-year decreasing warranty for box spring mattresses and top mattresses. These warranty provisions are active if the maintenance advice of Beddenbriljant, including the use of a high-quality molton, has been followed correctly and if it has been used in normal household use.

1st year: Full warranty
2nd year: 1/3 Depreciation (33.3%)
3rd year: 2/3 Depreciation (66.7%)
After 3 years € 75 Call-out costs
All depreciations are based on the current price level.

The Beddenbriljant guarantee is offered on motorbikes, accessories, duvets and pillows.

Warranty Showroom Models
On showroom models, a 2 year (evenly) decreasing warranty is offered on hidden defects. This warranty does not apply to the appearance or any damage present upon delivery or acceptance of the product. The hardness of mattresses can never be adjusted for showroom models.

Warranty on discoloration
In the event of discoloration, Beddenbriljant applies a full warranty period of 3 months.

If there are found to be material or manufacturing faults, the resulting defect will be repaired in accordance with the Beddenbriljant warranty conditions. If a defect cannot be repaired, the product will be replaced in accordance with the conditions by the same or, if no longer available, by an equivalent product.

Claims under warranty for defects/damage caused by inappropriate handling (for example due to overload), incorrect or injudicious use or due to normal wear and tear, are excluded.

Beddenbriljant can only provide service if the original invoice can be presented, it must therefore be kept well. The warranty period is limited to the life of the first original purchaser.

Other warranty conditions Box springs, Mattresses and Top mattresses
When a part is repaired or replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period of the complete product applies to this part. After repair or replacement, a warranty period of 1 year applies to the replaced or repaired part.
Mattresses and mattress toppers: under normal use, a local loss of height (contour formation) of 1.5 to 2 cm is an acceptable phenomenon and such a loss of height is therefore not covered by the warranty.
Mattresses and mattress toppers can deviate a few centimeters in length and width from the original measurements.
Box springs, mattresses and mattress toppers lose up to 15% of their shape and support over the years and with normal use, this loss is normal wear and tear and is therefore not covered by the warranty conditions.